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    Geometry Dash Scratch

    Geometry Dash Scratch

    Geometry Dash Scratch is a user-created rhythm-based obstacle course game inspired by Geometry Dash. Master chaos and conquer levels. Dash to the beat!

    Bounce into the world of geometric excitement with Geometry Dash Scratch!

    What is Geometry Dash Scratch?

    Geometry Dash Scratch is a rhythm-based obstacle course game on a top-notch platform that is inspired by Geometry Dash. Players will join the adventure with a cube that moves around the map with vibrant rhythmic movements. You will have to face a series of dangerous barriers, such as sharp spikes, saw blades, and even movable obstacles. Challenge yourself with quick reflexes and controls to beat the game with the fewest attempts!

    Geometry Dash Scratch (also known as Geometry Dash v1.5) was created by griffpatch, widely known as the most famous user-level game. The current version of this game is v1.5, after a number of modifications and error corrections by the creator. On April 19, 2016, griffpatch released the first version of Geometry Dash Scratch and received more than 1000 likes in one day. Modifications to the coin count, background effects, and main entity movement mechanics were then made. Until now, version 1.5 has been considered complete and closest to the original version. The game includes the first three of the original game's 21 levels: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist.

    Geometry Dash Scratch's three rounds feature identical terrain to the original. The essence of this game is to create a free version so every gamer can participate in the challenge. In addition, players can also customize some special effects.

    Who is griffpatch?

    griffpatch, whose real name is Andrew Griffin, is a gifted game creator with a series of popular products. In the early 2010s, a computer club introduced Scratch, which he learned through his son's school club. He created a shared account called 'Griffpatch' and began creating games using Scratch 1.4 Offline Editor. His first game, Pacman HD with Ghost AI, gained popularity. griffpatch later created Paper Minecraft, a popular project. He created tutorials, extensions, and browser extensions for Scratch, including Scratch Addons. Griffpatch's most outstanding achievements besides Paper Minecraft include, Massive Multiplayer Platformer, Getting Over It, and, of course, the masterpiece Geometry Dash Scratch.

    Unique gameplay: the addictive feature

    Geometry Dash Scratch has simple gameplay and rules. However, winning a round is not easy. First, players need to understand the commands that control entities in this game. There are three options for gamers:

    • Click the mouse.
    • Use the spacebar.
    • Press the up arrow.

    Different from the original game version, Geometry Dash Scratch allows gamers to use the up arrow button. These command keys all have the same function. Players can customize their gaming experience to their liking. The cube in Geometry Dash Scratch will also have its own automatic movements beside your commands, and you cannot control how fast this object moves. Therefore, it is important that you focus and time the command button correctly.

    Explore the original Geometry Dash series

    Geometry Dash Scratch is a user-level game inspired by the primary game, Geometry Dash. So, what are the interesting features of this original game that make it so popular and loved?

    Geometry Dash is a series of five video games developed by Robert Topala. He officially released this game through his company, Robotops Game, in August 2013. With its unique features, this series quickly gained the love of many gamers. It then spread widely and became one of the most popular games to this day. The original Geometry Dash game includes 21 levels with six main difficulties: easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon. Each level is the ultimate adventure, with challenging matrix designs. The difficulty (from 1☆ to 15☆) of these rounds is reflected in the number of stars rated by the developers themselves.

    Let's take a look at the important objects to pay attention to in this game. First of all, there is the deadly obstacle system:

    • Spikes: They are objects that often appear as pointed triangles and are placed fixedly on platforms.
    • Saw blades: They come in circular or rectangular shapes and are also located at many locations. However, surrounding that block are sharp spikes that form a dangerous saw blade.
    • Moving Obstacles: These objects are usually spikes and blocks that move from both sides of the screen.
    • Fake Blocks: These are traps that have a more blurred look than the main obstacles. You will not be able to let the cube stand on terrain with these objects.

    Besides, mastering the knowledge of conversion ports also makes your gameplay more effective. These types of objects include:

    • Teleportation Portal: When an object passes through this portal, the terrain on the map will change to another location.
    • Form Portal: These are the boundaries of the main entity's shape changes. After moving through these portals, the puzzle will transform into different states.
    • Speed Portal: These portals cause the main object's speed to change, either faster or slower.
    • Gravity Portal: When moving through these portals, the entity will completely change gravity. It can cause the object to fall upward, fall to the side, or even reverse its original state.
    • Size Portal: These are portals that make the character transform into mini form (purple portals) or return to normal mode (green portals).

    Next, let’s discover the extended editions of this series:

    Geometry Dash Lite

    This is the free version that is closest to the original game and has fewer levels. The sole distinction is that players will only join in 15 levels, all of which have the same obstacles and map as the main game.

    Geometry Dash World

    This session is a game with ten stages spread over two distinct worlds: Dashlands and Toxic Factory. Players may enjoy a wide range of elements in this game, including daily activities that can be upgraded into additional stores and prizes.

    Geometry Dash SubZero

    Subzero features devious new obstacles and pulsing environments with mirror portals. In addition, the game's theme transports players to a frozen winter world, featuring snow, icebergs, and sparkling snowflakes, aiming to challenge players to break the cold on obstacles.

    Geometry Dash Meltdown

    The most recent installment in the Geometry Dash game series is this one. The game's great complexity and variety are enhanced by hundreds of recently updated skins. Three modes are available in this version: Airborne Robots, Viking Arena, and Seven Seas. In addition, participants will get a title to commemorate their accomplishments at the end of each round.

    Geometry Dash: User Levels

    Players use the level editor to create user levels for Geometry Dash, which are unofficial versions. They have the capacity to obtain ratings based on the product's difficulty and quality. The challenge of each level is indicated by the number of stars. The higher the number of stars, the more difficult it is to pass. One platform where you can find countless user-level versions of Geometry Dash is Scratch.

    Immerse yourself in the Scratch Geometry Dash

    Along with Geometry Dash Scratch, there are currently millions of other user-levels of this game created by many developers. Gamers can easily find these versions on the platform. There are hundreds of games with different terrain designs and difficulty levels that you can try. These games are distributed from easiest to hardest levels. Furthermore, there are games inspired by the marvelous plots, the legends, and many other attractive concepts. Players can both practice and explore diverse adventures in the world of addictive obstacle course games.

    They are all free online games, and players can fully enjoy the sense of adventure in the original game with entity shape changes and diverse matrix layouts. On the Scratch platform, currently, there are three most prominent creators based on the quality and popularity of products they design: griffpatch, CrystalKeeper7, and iPhone_ATT_TWC115.

    The highlighted Scratch Geometry Dash

    Besides Geometry Dash Scratch, there are several other user-level versions available on the same platform.

    Geometry Dash Subzero/ World/ Meltdown of CrystalKeeper7

    First of all, we cannot help but mention the remakes of CrystalKeeper7. The creator's collection includes three of the original game: Subzero, World, and Meltdown

    • Geometry Dash Subzero has three primary levels: Press Start, Nock Em, and Power Trip.
    • Geometry Dash Meltdown also has all the levels of the original version: The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots.
    • Geometry Dash World of CrystalKeeper7 is divided into two different games instead of two game modes like the original version: Dashlands and Toxic Factory. Dashlands includes five levels: Payload, Beast Mode, Machina, Years, and Frontlines. Meanwhile, Toxic Factory also has five stages: Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1, and Monster Dance Off.

    In addition, the Scratch Geometry Dash also has versions of certain levels. Here are the four most popular remakes:

    Geometry Dash Levels 4-6 by hoppingicon

    This version includes three levels:

    • Dry Out (Normal 4☆)
    • Base After Base (Hard 5☆)
    • Can’t Let Go (Hard 6☆).

    These levels have completion times ranging from approximately 83 to 86 seconds.

    Geometry Dash Levels 7-8 by hoppingicon

    The two-level remakes are Jumper (Harder 7☆) and Time Machine (Harder 8☆). Moreover, in Time Machine, it will introduce the brand-new mirror portal.

    Geometry Dash Levels 9-13 by CrystalKeeper7

    The levels in this version are:

    • Cycles (Harder 9☆)
    • xStep (Insane 10☆)
    • Clutterfunk (Insane 11☆)
    • Theory of Everything (Insane 12☆): The UFO shape of the main object begins to appear at this level.
    • Electroman Adventures (Insane 10☆)

    Geometry Dash Levels 16-21 by chikomastr

    It has six levels with varying difficulty.

    • Hexagon Force (Insane 12☆) with the new sloped blocks.
    • Blast Processing (Harder 10☆) with the brand new appearance of the wave segmentation.
    • Theory of Everything 2 (Demon 14☆)
    • Geometrical Dominator (Harder 10☆): It has the addition of many elements. In particular, this level is the debut of the robot mode.
    • Deadlocked (Demon 15☆)
    • Fingerdash (Insane 12☆): The experience of the main entity's spider form will appear.

    Thus, we can see that the obstacle-overcoming experiences in the Geometry Dash series attract numerous interests. In particular, Geometry Dash Scratch of griffpatch is like a hinge for players to practice their lightning-fast reflexes and speedy control commands. Furthermore, don’t forget to let the vibrant music guide your hard-core adventure. What are you waiting for? Join the exploration and challenge on the map of the world's most fascinating rhythm-based game right away!