Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse
    Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse
    Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse
    Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

    Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse

    Geometry Dash Slaughterhouse is an Extreme Demon level rated 10 stars created by IcEDCave and EndLevel. Have you tried any of the games in this series? Let's investigate the terrifying home filled with dangerous traps and numerous devils.


    0–8% (IcEDCave): The game opens with a tedious mini-cube section. A cube must be guided in order to hop over a few dispersed spikes. You will enter a normal-sized cube with narrow-spread triple spikes and an orb when the screen goes black. A Clubstep monster is visible at this point, lying at the end of the section.

    8–18% (EndLevel): The game then switches to a portion of a ship with a straight flight.

    18–49% (IcEDCave): You'll then enter a cube portion. You have to jump on top of pillars and over narrow-spread triple spikes at this point. You will next reach an area with quadruple-speed waves. Move the wave carefully through a small space. To avoid spikes, slide on the top and bottom. The game then transitions to a ship segment with a lengthy straight flight that features orbs and size variations.

    49–58% (River): After that, a quadruple-speed, tight wave with variable sizes and constant gravity will be introduced to you.

    58–74% (Iris): The wave then changes into a miniature UFO before returning to its previous state. The following ship portion has a lengthy, narrow, straight flight.

    74–91% (DrCuber): A twin-wave section follows in the next segment. It then transitions to a brief mini-wave portion.

    91–95% (CD Music): The character goes back to a cube area as the speed starts to slow down. To avoid narrow-spread triple spikes and double spikes, control a cube.

    95–100% (IcEDCave): You will eventually reach the wave part following the appearance of the demon face. Reach the game's conclusion by controlling the waver as it slides down hills.

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