Miner Cat 3
    Miner Cat 3
    Miner Cat 3
    Miner Cat 3

    Miner Cat 3

    Miner Cat 3 is a thrilling mining game inspired by the well-known and beloved Minecraft, in which you must assist a hardworking mining cat in raising thousands of dollars by selling everything he diligently collects. Take out your pickaxe and prepare to explore an environment rich in premium resources like wood, earth, stone, coal, gold, diamonds, and rubies in order to rapidly sell them to our close friend Bob! With the money you earn, you'll be able to purchase new spikes, powerful armor, health potions, and hundreds of other things that will improve your game experience. Wishing you the best of luck!

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    How To Play

    • Move: AD or left and right arrow keys.
    • Jump: W or up arrow key or spacebar.
    • Talk to Bob: F.
    • Select items: 1-6.
    • Use items: left mouse button.
    • Drop items: Q.
    • Inventory: E.
    • Pause: P.
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