Scratcharia is an updated version of Minecraft with improved graphics. You must first select an appearance for your character before gathering the necessary resources. Your mission is to discover hidden locations while avoiding attackers who could harm you. However, you should not be concerned if you are slain because you have enough lives. With the arrival of darkness, hordes of horrible monsters will attack you. Keep this in mind and plan ahead of time to find a dependable sanctuary from which they will almost probably be unable to extract you. Wait the night and continue your resource collecting while exploring a fresh, vast, and utterly interesting universe. This game demonstrates that beautiful graphics are not necessarily required for a game to be truly enjoyable. 

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    How To Play

    • Move: AD or left and right arrow keys.
    • Jump: W or up arrow key.
    • Inventory/Chest: E.
    • Select tools/items: 1-8.
    • Interact: left mouse button.
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