Terraria is an adventure game that lets you dig, fight, explore, and build. The game takes place in a randomly generated 2D tile-based environment. Prepare to build your own city, search for riches, struggle to survive, and unearth riches in the World of Terraria. It's your own property to develop, protect, and enjoy, as well as a place of immense adventure and intrigue. You have instant access to everything.

    The world itself is at your command as you struggle for fame, wealth, and survival. Explore vast chasms, hunt down increasingly formidable opponents to put your fighting skills to the test, or build your own city—the options are endless in the World of Terraria. Terraria is a distinctive gaming experience where the trip and the destination are as unique as the players themselves, fusing elements of vintage action games with the creative freedom of a sandbox!

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    How To Play

    • WASD = move.
    • Left-click = dig/place.
    • 0-9 = select tools.
    • E = open/close inventory.
    • K = creative Mode.
    • R = restart.
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